Excursions & Tours

Tours and Excursions open up new vistas of exploration, discovery, adventure and thrill. The school provides ample opportunities to students for such experiences throughout the year. Various picnics are organized to places of education and historical importance These visits are a means to broaden the students’ outlook and give them an opportunity for social development. The idyllic beauty of colossal mountains, lush green forests, brimming rivers, sublime lakes and the rich wild life of the Indian locales offer them a perfect blend of rejuvenation and relaxation. The students discover their true selves while rambling through nature trails. Trekking, boating, camp fires, rides etc. are some of the charms for nature enthusiasts.

Visit to Old Age Home

It was really a poignant experience for the students to visit the old age home. This visit was a huge learning experience for the young citizens and after spending two valuable hours, the students vowed to do something for senior citizens and contribute towards the betterment of their condition.

Movie Show- Super 30