Principal’s Message

“Intelligence plus character that is the goal of true Education”.

Bal Bharati is synonym with quality education and for mooting all round development in its students. Our purpose is to enable the children to understand the world within to better understand the world around them.

BBPS is a place of care, creativity and capability. The BBPS Gadrawara  has rapidly developed in every sphere in a short span of time.

“We carry within us the wonders we seek around us” Dear children you are the true wonders ,who with your honesty, simplicity and innocence make this world wonderful. Remember you have this power in you and each one of you is actually a  Hero! What you have inside you is what you create around you ,so be a constructive creator.


I thank you parents, in all humility for your generosity in time, talents and resources. Thank you for constantly supporting us in every step we take and reposing your confidence in us.

I also earnestly appeal to the parents to spend quality time with their wards and guide them to differentiate between right and wrong. Effective child development is possible only with concerted efforts of both the parents and family members with whom the child resides.


I take this opportunity to acknowledge the extreme hard work of our dedicated staff and faculty by working round the clock to keep School at the zenith of success.

In conclusion, I wish you all a wonderful school year. If I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me as per given schedule. I can be reached at  also.


Geeta Bhardwaj