Secretary Message


From the Secretary’s pen …..


Dear children

Another new year has dawned, bringing with it newer possibilities and novel opportunities. As you stand on the threshold, waiting to embark on the journey into the future, I just have one word of advice for you. Children, do remember that the opportunities may be endless but the time in your hands is not. Time is the most precious and powerful resource you have. Appreciate it, value it and use it judiciously. Children, remember that tomorrow never comes to those who sit and wait for it. Make the best use of today and tomorrow will automatically be yours. Do not be deterred by the challenges on the way as they are not obstacles but experiences and opportunities that strengthen you from within and open up newer avenues. Decide on your goal and no matter how difficult the path may be, never let go.  Most importantly, you can achieve all these only when you are physically fit and mentally alert. A sound mind resides in a healthy body and hence physical fitness is of immense importance. So children, decide your goal, make the most of the opportunities you have, tackle the challenges of life boldly and my best wishes will surely steer you towards your destination.